DRS helps customers to choose the most suitable material and technology in order to produce the most appropriate article for a particular use.



Recommended for products that need excellent physical and mechanical characteristics, elastic rebound, precise sizing and surface quality.

The choice of the rubber composition and hardness depends on how the product will be used.


Recommended for products that have a primarily aesthetic use, with static and low dynamic sealing.

The sponge rubber may be closed or open cells, and by definition everything that has a lower specific gravity than 1.00 g / cm3. The foam compounds differ in density and their main features are: softness, elasticity, elastic rebound and compression up to 0 mm.

Foam rubber is typically used for air sealing, dust and water gaskets. Once the compound has been decided on, DRS manufactures products through EXTRUSION or DIE-CUTS.


Recommended for high precision products where appearance is important, but with low flexibility and resistance to high temperatures.

The characteristics of this material are sound, thermal, electrical, and mechanical (vibrations) insulation; resistance to corrosion and chemical inertness; as well as water repellency and protection from molds, fungi and bacteria.


It is recommended for industrial sectors with a high technological content. Foam silicone is an irreplaceable component for aeronautical, aerospace, electronics, medical, biomechanical and biotechnical applications.

Sponge silicone is a material with exceptional durability and resistance characteristics that make it suitable for those applications that require extreme performance. It guarantees a wide range of temperatures of use (-60 ° C / + 200 ° C), even in cases of strong temperature changes; it resists very well to aging and to atmospheric and chemical agents. In addition, the foam silicone is soft and adapts well to irregular surfaces, maintaining its characteristics unchanged over the time even if subjected to compression and pressurization.


Like the foam silicone, the compact silicone is well used in the aeronautical, aerospace, electronics, medical, biomechanical, and biotechnical sectors.

Particularly suitable where an excellent resistance to high or low temperatures is required (-40 ° C / + 200 ° C). Excellent resistance to light, atmospheric agents, ozone and aging. Stain-resistant and non-toxic. Also available in conformity with FDA.


Felt is one of the oldest fabrics on the market and its processing techniques have been handed down over the centuries reaching us almost unchanged.

It is available in different colours and thicknesses. It can be cut and die-cut to drawing, even in complex shapes, without slipping off the edges. Each piece can be paired with other materials and different thicknesses.