INJECTION moulding is carried out through horizontal and / or vertical presses. The raw compound is loaded, raised to the right temperature, and then injected into a metal mould where it is cured for a predetermined time. This procedure is particularly suitable for manufacturing large series of technical products and o-rings.

COMPRESSION moulding always takes place in a metal mould, the raw compound is loaded manually. This process is suitable for producing smaller quantities of large sized and heavy items.

The two systems can be used to co-mould rubber and plastic or rubber and metal, supplied by the customer or made-to-drawing. These items are particularly used in the lighting, electro medical, automotive, electronic, pneumatic, and food industries.

Tolerances allowed for injection and compression moulded parts:
SO 3302-1 class M2 O-Rings: ISO 3601-1.


DRS guarantees a constantly monitored quality process on all supplies: from the raw materials, to the measuring process and the final checks on the finished items. The company is ISO 9001 certified.


DRS manufactures gaskets and technical items according to customer drawings or specifications.